Syrian, Afghan Refugees Hosted by Republican Philadelphia Councilman: ‘We Are Glad to Have Them'

About 40 to 45 refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and other countries who have relocated to eastern Pennsylvania in recent months met Monday at City Hall in Philadelphia at the behest of Councilman David Oh.

The purpose of the gathering was to “let them know they are welcome,” according to the councilman’s spokesman, Matthew Pershe.

Man of the refugees who attended live in northeastern Pennsylvania, where a large community of Syrian Americans live, and Philadelphia, Pershe said.

Oh said in a release prior to the 10 a.m. event that a message he hoped the families would receive is that local government “is here to help and to serve them.”

“This is a welcome party -- a chance to let our refugee community know that they are welcome, they are celebrated, and we are glad to have them in Philadelphia,” Councilman Oh said.

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