Students Try to Break Dreidel Spinning Record

Members of the United Synagogue Youth tried to break the world record of 541 dreidels spun simultaneously for at least ten seconds.

There were plenty of dreidels spinning in Center City on Wednesday, the eighth and final day of Hanukkah. The question remains whether there was enough to break a world record.

Around 900 Jewish High School students from across the country gathered at the Marriot on 12th and Market. The students were in Philadelphia for the annual United Synagogue Youth international convention.

The current record of 541 dreidels spun simultaneously for at least ten seconds was set back in 2005 at Temple Emmanuel in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Members of the USY sat at nearly 100 tables in a large ballroom to try and break that record. Observers claim they succeeded with 602. This has not yet been verified by the Guinness Book of World Records however, a process that normally takes several months.

“The group readied themselves, steadied their hands and spun without abandon,” said one witness.

Regardless of whether or not they broke the record, the USY had plenty to celebrate this year. 2011 marked the 60th Anniversary of the organization which gives Jewish teens the chance to come together to celebrate and learn about Judaism.

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