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Resources for Victims of Sex Assault or Harassment

Stories of sexual harassment and assault have exploded into headlines recently, starting with the fall of Harvey Weinstein, once a Hollywood titan, and continuing with new claims against star Kevin Spacey, former MSNBC commentator Mark Halperin and celebrity chef John Besh.

Many people have come forward using the hashtag #MeToo. But if you are a victim -- or someone close to you is -- what can you do besides post on social media?

First, reach out. If you've been assaulted, call police. It may seem daunting, but remember that many police officers are specially trained to respond sensitively to reports of sex assault.

Still anxious about that? Find an ally. These national and local resources are available to help:

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape

Sexual Assault Network of Delaware

New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault

If you are concerned about reporting sexual harrassment at work, Fast Company offers this step-by-step advice, starting with knowing your rights under company policy and federal, state and local law. Click here for more.

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