Police Using Twitter, $20K Reward to Fight “No Snitching” Culture

They are numbers that officials say are indicative of the “no snitching” culture in Philadelphia.

In 2013, 246 people were murdered in the city but police only received 82 tips for homicides. With those numbers in mind, police are hoping that a new social media initiative will help them solve more murders.

“At this particular stage, it seems to be that social media is what’s catching,” said Philadelphia Police Lieutenant John Stanford. “So we want to be ahead of it.”

Through their new online campaign, police are generating tips on homicides via Twitter, using the hashtag #JustATip.


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“We have about 33,000 people that follow us on twitter,” Stanford said. “We want folks to know there is a reward on the table.”

Police say there is a $20,000 reward for any tips that lead to an arrest and conviction in a murder case.

“Some people need that incentive to do the right thing,” Stanford said.

Police say the reward money is funded by the city. They’re hoping the reward and the new campaign will be enough to change the “no snitching” mentality of the city.

“We hope this campaign will push people into the direction of wanting to be able to work with us and provide us with information we need to get these type of people off the streets,” Stanford said.

You can submit a tip to Philadelphia Police in the following ways:

PHONE: 215-686-TIPS

TWITTER: @PhillyPolice

FACEBOOK: Philadelphia Police Department

WEBSITE: Philadelphia Police

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