Philadelphians Choose Texts Over Sex

30 percent of Philadelphians would give up sex before their cells

In the age of technology, when such activities as texting, instant messaging, Facebook and Twitter often take the place of personal interaction, some Philadelphians would be willing to take it a step further: No sex for a year, as long as they can keep a cell phone.

Three out of 10 Philadelphians would give up sex rather than give up their cell phones, according to a survey by Samsung Mobile. That’s 30 percent of the population willing to give up the most fun an adult can have, just for a phone.

Philadelphia women are more inclined to choose the cold, hard piece of technology over the warmth of sex for an entire year, as 33 percent said so.

But only 11 percent of Philadelphia men were willing to put their sex lives on hold for a year just to be able to use a cell phone, according to the survey.

We were hoping that perhaps the residents polled misunderstood the question, but another statistic suggests not: Almost 40 percent of Philadelphians text to communicate, rather than have an actual phone conversation.

If talking is tough, maybe these folks don’t enjoy face-to-face interaction.

Then again, it’s a very unfair question, Samsung. A bit of a Catch-22: If you don’t have a phone, you can’t call your honey to come over. And if you’ve given up sex, where’s the real fun in having a means to communicate with others?

Well, we suppose there’s always phone sex.

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