Phila. Meter Parking Rates to Rise

You could be paying $3 per hour for street parking

Circling the block to find a  parking meter is a daunting task, but it’s worth it to save a couple of a bucks.  But, come January, you’ll be circling, wasting gas, only to pay double, if not triple, the current parking rates.

If approved by City Council, the meter rate would rise from $1 to $2 per hour in Center City and University City come January.

City officials insist this is not to increase revenue for the city, but to ease downtown congestion.  Rina Cutler, Mayor Nutter’s deputy  Mayor for Transportation, told KYW radio :

"We don't want people to keep circling around looking for a $1-an-hour parking on street. We think with the increase, we will get closer to parking rates at garages…We think it will free up availability at the curb, so people looking for short-term spaces will actually have a prayer of finding one."

Cutler said council wants rates to rise to $3 an hour, but won’t enforce that price until meters are installed, which accept debit and credit cards. 

So, you’ll be paying more to park, but will be saved from having to dig through your bag or glove compartment for quarters.  Doesn’t seem like a fair trade.

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