Milk-Bone's ‘Dogs Who Changed the World' Include Pennsylvania Service Dog

A Philadelphia-area canine is being honored for going above and beyond the call of service dogs.

Chopstick was put on Milk-Bone's second annual list of "Dogs Who Changed the World" for assisting his owner, 5th grader Colin Studlack, who lives with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, with day-to-day tasks. 

With Chopstick's help, life can be a little easier for Colin. Chopstick helps with his physical needs by retrieving dropped items as well as accompanying Colin where ever he goes, said a news release from Milk-Bone. Along with being a good friend, Chopstick also helps by alerting Colin's family of any trouble, nurturing a calming environment, and having a wonderful sense of humor.

Chopstick is a "top-dog" graduate of the Canine Assistants school, where he learned how to be a high-functioning service dog. With support of Milk-Bone, Canine Assistants has placed more than 2,000 hero dogs with individuals across the United States. 

Chopstick is one of 10 dogs chosen by Milk-Bone in a nationwide search for four-legged heroes who make an extraordinary impact on the lives of the individuals they support.

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