“Peeping Tom” Landlord Sentenced to 4-10 Years

Landlord watched tapes of female tenants for sexual gratification, officials say

A Norristown landlord who admitted to videotaping 34 tenants over a 20-year span was sentenced to four to 10 years in prison Friday.

While his offenses could have gotten as much as 151 years in prison, Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney John Gradel told NBC Philadelphia that he is “more than satisfied” with the sentencing.

Daley videotaped tenants in his Norristown apartment by using tiny cameras in light fixtures, in tub faucets and even one that looked like a screw in a towel rack. Police found a total of 34 cameras in 2008, 14 of which had both video and audio capabilities.

Daley rented primarily to single women.

Daley’s cameras were first found by a tenant in September 2008, even though he had been a voyeur of his renters for at least two decades.

He pleaded guilty June 2009 to 30 counts of invasion of privacy and possession of an electronic device for surreptitious interception of oral communication.

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