No Backsies! Designers Unload Competitors' Swag on Snooki

Top designers scheme to prevent "Snookums" from vomiting in their purses on national television

Have you been wondering how the Puking Princess of Poughkeepsie can afford all of the designer purses swinging from her burnt-umber arm?

Well, it ends up that fashion powerhouses like Gucci and Coach have been allegedly sending the “Jersey Shore” train wreck expensive designer bags.

The kicker: Coach is not sending "Snickerdoodle" Coach bags. They’re sending her Gucci bags, and any other competing designer product they can put into her Guido-grabbing hands.

Who knew the strategies of Game Theory would come so naturally to the fashionistas who think a $5,000-price tag for a handbag is a reasonable marketing move?

According to New York Observer’s fashion expert Simon Doonan, an “unbranding” war has been waged among the top designers in regard to the bed-and-bar hopping Nicole Polizzi.

No company wants the boozing broad who was recently arrested for disorderly conduct (or as some describe it -- “charged with being annoying”) to champion its brand.

“Call it what you will — ‘preemptive product placement’? ‘unbranding’? — either way, it's brilliant, and it makes total sense,” Doonan writes.

“Will Gucci send her a truckload of Goyard? Will Goyard then deluge her with Valextra? (If Snookie starts carrying a Valextra bag, it is inevitable that she will malaprop the name into "Valtrex," the herpes medication. This will doubtless accelerate the inevitable preemptive strike by Casa Valextra.)”

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