NJ Transit

Caught on Cam: NJ Transit Bus Driver Uses Phone While Driving

An investigation is underway after a New Jersey Transit bus driver was caught on video using a cellphone while behind the wheel.

A woman who wanted to remain anonymous told NBC10 she was on a NJ Transit bus heading from Trenton to Princeton Saturday night when she noticed the bus driver’s head was looking down and away from the road. The driver was texting as he drove then picked up the phone and made two calls, according to the woman. She recorded the incident and sent the video to NBC10. 

“I wanted to yell at him, ‘What are you doing?’” the woman said. “He answered the phone not once but twice!” 

Officials with NJ Transit told NBC10 they routinely send undercover supervisors on routes to make sure all the rules are followed. They also said violations such as using a cellphone while driving are “quite rare.” Officials with the agency are currently investigating the case and promise swift and appropriate action once the investigation is complete. 

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