New Jersey

NJ Residents Fed Up with Landfill's Foul Odor

After years of complaints, a lawsuit, and an approaching deadline to renew their working permit, Waste Management held a public fact-finding hearing Wednesday to investigate the Tullytown landfill's impact on neighboring communities.

The Tullytown Resource Recovery Facility Landfill, owned and operated by Waste Management of Pennsylvania Inc., is located in two communities -- Falls Township and Tullytown, both part of Bucks County.

But residents living across the Delaware River in Florence, New Jersey say the landfill's noxious odor wafts towards their homes.

“Everybody deals with the same thing I do—the sinuses, the allergies, smells, dirt, pollution, we’re all keeping our windows shut and running our air conditioners as much as possible,” said Julie Eschker, of Florence.

For years, Florence residents have called company and government officials to complain about the sme that have wafted across the Delaware River, prompting the Department of Environmental Protection to open an investigation and issue the landfill a notice of violation in October.

"DEP has received numerous complaints from residents of Florence, New Jersey, since September 2014, alleging (the) Tullytown landfill as the source of odors. Complaints continue to be received at varying frequencies," said Amanda Witman, Department of Environmental Protection spokeswoman.

A group of residents filed a lawsuit in December even as Waste Management has taken steps to curtail the stench. If they don't get the renewal the landfill won't be able to accept or dispose of trash after that date.

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