Light Snow Hits the Area

Most of our area should get at least an inch of snow

Light snow continues to fall in several parts of the area after another system hit the area on Saturday. It should last longer and cover a wider area but will not be as intense as Friday’s snow, according to NBC10 chief meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz.

“More of our area should get at least an inch of snow, but it won’t be coming down as hard as it was in Central Del. and Cape May County, N.J., where they were getting 2-plus inches per hour for a while. A lot of the snow will melt as it hits during the day Sunday, as long as it’s light,” said Schwartz.

The storm that affected us Friday is called a “clipper”, since it moves at a fast clip. Clippers don’t usually produce a lot of snow, since they move so quickly, and don’t pick up much moisture.

The latest storm will intensify off the coast and wrap around some moisture Sunday so the snow may be just over two inches in Philadelphia, Trenton and parts of Atlantic City.


Light snow began to fall in some areas around 6 p.m. and accumulated until midnight. By 11 p.m. there was a coating to an inch on surfaces.

Winter Weather Advisory in effect for purple area.


Snow will linger in the advisory area, especially closer to the coast where an additional inch of snow is possible. This could affect Super Bowl party shopping and travel as the snow will stick on untreated surfaces. There could be a change-over to rain at the shore Sunday afternoon but otherwise it should be all snow.

Monday night to Tuesday morning:

Another quick shot of snow could give the area another coating for the rush hour.

Friday’s snow was brief, but powerful in certain areas. The storm dropped more than 7 inches in parts of Ocean County and more than 6 inches in Oceanville, Atlantic County. It was less than ½ inch in the Philadelphia area, but that was still enough to cause driving problems.

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