Meningitis Strikes Third Student at UPenn

University cancels all on and off-campus parties

Another student has been hospitalized with a confirmed case of meningitis, and it has been discovered that all three affected students share a link through the Greek system at the University of Pennsylvania, officials said Saturday.

As a precaution, UPenn is shutting down the party scene on and off-campus through the weekend and possibly longer. 

Those who have gone to -- or who have had close, prolonged contact with anyone who attended -- fraternity or sorority events since February 2 have also been asked to visit a special clinic at UPenn's Student Health Service at 3535 Market Street. 

The student you see on the front of this video said at the last social event she attended, everyone was writing their names on their cups.

Meningitis, a disease that infects the lining of the brain and spinal cord, is spread through close and intimate contact like kissing or sexual contact, as well as by sharing eating utensils and drinking glasses.

Some common early symptoms of the disease include fever, severe headache, and sensitivity to bright light, stiff neck, nausea, vomiting, rash and lethargy.  The disease can develop over several hours, or take up to one or two days.

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