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‘You're Going to Die Tonight': Pittsburgh Ear-Biting Victim Talks about Drunken Roommate's Alleged Attack

A man who had his ear bitten off Monday said his roommate allegedly attacked him in a drunken rage during an argument about President Donald Trump.

Police and the bite victim, 30-year-old Marcos Ortiz, haven't identified the suspect who remained on the loose Tuesday.

Ortiz returned home from the hospital Monday night with a bandage on his ear, bandages on his hand and scratches on his face. He told WPXI Pittsburgh the other man was drunk and angry about not having winning lottery tickets, then attacked him after expressing fears he'll be deported under the Trump Administration.

Ortiz said his roommate then pushed him down the steps. Ortiz ran to the nearby gas station for help around 6:45 a.m. Monday after the man grabbed knife and threatened to kill him, Ortiz said.

"He went crazy," Ortiz said. "'You're going to die tonight!' And I said, 'Why?'"

Police found Ortiz's ear in the apartment but the roommate was gone, according to WPXI.

Ortiz, who is also from Mexico, said the man has been his roommate for about six months and is in the country legally.

Police spokeswoman Emily Schaffer told WPXI she was unable to say whether the victim was pro- or anti-Trump, or which position motivated the attack.

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