Lightning-Fast Tire Thieves Strike Numerous Times in South Philadelphia

Thieves in the blink of an eye have stolen all the tires from several vehicles in South Philadelphia in the last few days, according to residents, who are left to wonder who could be so efficient — and devious.

Surveillance video shows the thieves in action: hooded sweatshirts cover their heads as they back their own sports utility vehicle up to a victim's car. They jump out, and get to work. Within minutes, they have boosted the vehicle's tires, leaving it on boxes.

"I’m just so angry. Like how dare you. How dare you think, that for people who work hard for their stuff, and we work hard, and to come in and take it away from us is just so unfair," one victim, Veronica Cox-Emanuel, told NBC10 after her tires were stolen while her car was parked at 19th and Porter streets.

Police have not yet said if they believe all the tire thefts are related.

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