No Deputy by That Name: Lehigh County Sheriff's Office Warn Residents About Phone Scheme

A telephone scheme attempting to receive money from Lehigh County residents has been reported multiple times over the last few weeks.

Lehigh County Sheriff Joe Hanna says telephone calls from a male claiming he is Sgt. Todd Sullivan have been reported by multiple citizens. The unknown suspect continues, attempting to notify the citizen that they have a warrant or failed to respond to jury duty. The fake officer then advises the subject to purchase a disposable debit card and give him the details, or be subject to apprehension and incarceration.

Sheriff Hanna is warning residents that "There is no one within the ranks of the Lehigh County Sheriff’s Office by that name."

The Lehigh County Police do not collect money via disposable debit cards and deputies are not responsible for collecting these payments, authorities say.

Hanna added "varied telephone scams of this nature have been around for some time and anyone is subject to being targeted."

Anyone receiving a call requesting money on behalf of his office should contact the Lehigh County Sheriff’s Office at (610) 782-3175 rather than give any information to the caller.

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