Jimmy Rollins on the Power of Teamwork

Jimmy Rollins is a known leader around the Philadelphia Phillies clubhouse.

"I know what I do is reflective of people in front of me and people behind me," said Rollins. "You have to do your job. What you do impacts the team. No one can win it on their own."

Rollins works cohesively to heighten his ballclub's performance through teamwork. The shortstop has been named an All-Star three times, the 2007 National League MVP and helped the Phillies win the 2008 World Series. 

Rollins has partnered up with the Mizuno to encourage young people to possess the power of team.

In the spirit of Rollins' approach to team, baseball, volleyball and softball teams across the country were invited to submitted photos showing their team's essence to Mizuno's "power of team" contest. 

From May 1 to June 5, the public may vote for the team that demonstrated the best teamwork. The sports team that receives the highest number of votes will recieve a personal sports experience with a Mizuno ambassador.  

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