“He Said, She Said” in Lane-Mendte Lawsuit

Lane was “pretty freaked out” by Mendte’s alleged advances, Mendte says Lane started “kissing” relationship

Conflicting details of the relationship between former CBS3 anchors Larry Mendte and Alycia Lane are being revealed through the lawsuit Lane filed against the news station and her co-anchor.

But so far depositions have both claiming the other initiated the kissing and each one takes credit for stopping inappropriate behavior and unwanted advances, reports the Inquirer.

The countering stories are coming from the civil lawsuit Lane filed in 2008 against Mendte and CBS3, which was partly spurred on by Mendte pleading guilty to hacking into Lane’s personal computer and reading her e-mails hundreds of times.

While calling Mendte a “sociopathic narcissist,” Lane testified in her deposition that Mendte was the first to kiss her when he brought a Christmas tree to her apartment. She says that was followed by Mendte making multiple advances, giving her gifts such as an $800 platinum necklace and a piece of etched glass with “L and A, Soulmates” written on it, reports the Inquirer.

Lane said that the etched glass made her, “pretty freaked out.”

In opposing testimony, Mendte tells a very different story, saying that Lane initiated the kissing multiple times and he put an end to the behavior.

Mendte says that while he was in Lane’s apartment, she walked out of the bedroom wearing a bra and no shirt, “And then I went over and we rolled around on her bed for a little bit,” reports the Inquirer.

Mendte also claims that Lane put his hand on her breast while he was driving her in a car once and another time she straddled him in a car and kissed him.

The lawsuit goes to a jury trial May 23.

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