Germantown Church in Ruins Thanks to Flooding

A Germantown church is cleaning up (and trying to dry out) after raging flood waters caused major damage on Thursday morning.

The inside of Bethlehem Church of God on Haines Street was completely destroyed by several feet of water.  In fact, the flooding caused an entire wall to collapse –  destroying everything in its path including pews, books and the church’s organ.

“We’ve lost our main sanctuary -- the first floor -- the main sanctuary and all the contents of the main sanctuary,” Elder Wilbur Clark told NBC Philadelphia.

In addition to the main floor, Clark says that restrooms, a dining area and many offices in the basement were also destroyed.

“Our basement is completely covered in water,” says Elder Clark.

The city's Licenses and Inspection Department has posted a notice on the doors warning of the dangers of entering the church. Right now, no one is permitted to inside.

Just across the street, another church was also destroyed by the water, which caused major flooding in the basement.

A new congregation moved into the church just four months ago and they tell NBC Philadelphia that they were never told that the area is prone to flooding.

Neighborhood residents say that the area floods often because of storm drains that can't handle the run-off.

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