Montgomery County

You Can Help Name This Super Cute Baby Sloth

The Elmwood Park Zoo is asking for the public's help to name its new linnaeus two-toed sloth

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This is total cuteness overload hits you much faster than the animal actually moves.

Montgomery County's Elmwood Park Zoo is showing off its new baby sloth that is already hanging around, napping and snacking. She is already up to around 9 pounds, zoo staff said.

Visitors can't yet see the female linnaeus two-toed sloth (native to the northern parts of South America) in person yet as its new exhibit space is still being built. However, guests can name the Norristown zoo's new edition.

"We think it is about time our sloth has an official name and we need your help," the zoo said in its naming survey.

The five names to consider: Banana, Liana, Pana, Penelope and Vida. Click here to cast your vote.

Can't get enough of this slow mover? The zoo showed her off during a virtual event Thursday.

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