Don't Pardon My French

Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts

Just around the corner is Philadelphia’s International Festival of the Arts, an event that promises to pack 1,500 artists into 135 events within 25 days.

And you think your parties are fun.

Local artists are buzzing with anticipation, and they aren’t holding anything back.

The proof is this Eiffel Tower, which will stand almost 90-feet tall when it’s finally installed in the Kimmel Center.

Proof Productions, a ridiculously cool custom fabrication shop in southern New Jersey, is putting it together. They’ve done business for Disney, Cirque du Soleil, Comcast, U. Penn., Drexel, the Wilma Theater, and the Wachovia Center.

In short, their résumé is better than your résumé.

For PIFA, things are getting real French with a breathtaking rendition of the Eiffel Tower that would have Gustave Eiffel himself drooling.

Get a load of these stats: it weighs 3 tons, will be equipped with 6,000 light bulbs, and disassembles into 33 pieces for transportation.

Matthew Hughes, a representative for Proof Productions, tells NBC Philadelphia that, when all is said and done, over 600 hours of labor will have gone into the piece.

That’s 15 workweeks, for those at home counting.

Check out all of the events and buy your tickets for PIFA, which runs from April 7 – May 1, as soon as you can, and make sure to check out Proof’s stunning Eiffel Tower.

Vivez la PIFA!

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