Disgraced Cop Claims Other Officers Stole Drug Money

“I got fired, lost my job, and I’ve been suffering ever since," said Stanford Jones.

Jones used to be a corporal with a Philadelphia Police Narcotic Unit. Today, he’s a disgraced officer and convicted thief.

Jones is accused of stealing $1500 during a drug raid in April of 2003. Jones, who claims he took hold of the evidence during most cases, first told officials he didn’t know where the missing money went. He then later admitted to taking the drug money.


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“I tried to cover it up, which was my mistake,” said Jones.

The 14-year veteran was charged, prosecuted, convicted and fired. Ten years later, Jones is speaking out, claiming he wasn’t the first Philadelphia Police officer to steal drug money.

“This has been going on before I got to the unit and when I got to the unit,” said Jones. “This is something that has been ongoing and it got covered up. You sit money down and it disappeared.”

There is no evidence that anyone else in Jones’ unit did anything illegal back then. One of his former partners is now under investigation however. Officer Gerald Gibson, Governor Tom Corbett’s son-in-law, is accused of stealing drug money in an FBI sting. Gibson has not been charged with a crime.

“I worked with Gerald Gibson and this guy testified against me,” said Jones.

NBC10 tried to contact Gibson but he did not return our calls for comment. Philadelphia Police officials also declined to comment.

The FBI is also investigating six Philadelphia Police officers after a letter was written from the District Attorney stating their testimony would no longer be accepted. So far 270 of their drug cases have been thrown out of court. The Police Union told NBC10 they fully support those officers who have maintained their innocence and are still on the force.

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