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Dirt bike riders hop off 3 bikes to unload 40+ bullets at man on Philly sidewalk, police say

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Small says it 'was pretty amazing' that none of the several other people hanging out with the victim were struck by more than 40 bullets that were fired

Kensington dirt bike riders wanted in deadly shooting.
Surveillance image

Six people riding on three different dirt bikes ambushed a man in the Kensington neighborhood, leaving him dead on the sidewalk Monday night, Philadelphia police said.

"It clearly appears that this 55-year-old victim was the intended target," Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said.

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The shooting took place just before 8 p.m. along East Huntingdon Street by Potter Street, police said.

"It's an unsafe environment for my family and my kids I gotta take care of," one neighbor told NBC10. "We always have dirt bikes coming around, it's just always that season, it's Philly."

The man was suffering from gunshot wounds to his neck, chest and leg when officers arrived, Small said. The man would die a short time later at the hospital.

There are additional resources for people or communities that have endured gun violence in Philadelphia. Further information can be found here.

Police found evidence that at least 40 shots were fired by two or more semi-automatic guns, Small said.

Small said it "was pretty amazing" that none of the several other people hanging out with the victim were struck by bullets.

Investigators viewed surveillance video that shows "three mopeds or dirt bikes" travelling along Potter Street and multiple men hopping off the bikes once they got to Huntingdon Street, Small said.

Surveillance video from the scene obtained by NBC10 shows the dirt bikers stop their bikes and all but one of them get off the bikes and approach the victim. Another angle then shows the victim sitting down before appearing to be shot.

NBC10's Brenna Weick reports on a shooting where police said up to six people on dirt bikes targeted a man standing on a Kensington sidewalk Monday night.

"After the shooting you can see all six get back on the three dirt bikes or mopeds" and drive off west on Huntingdon Street, Small said.

Police didn't have an exact motive for the shooting, which remained under investigation.

Entering Tuesday, at least 120 people have been killed in Philadelphia this year, according to Philadelphia police data. That's down about 35% year over year and the lowest homicide total to date since 2016.

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