New Jersey

‘Bump Key' Used in 10 Burlington County Burglaries

A serial burglar used a specially-made key to break into nearly a dozen apartments in Burlington County, New Jersey, authorities said.

Angel Calo-Rivera, 54 of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was arrested on Dec. 11 for committing 10 burglaries over the past 13 months at the Woodview at Marlton apartments, Evesham Township Police said.

He stole a gun, jewelry, clothes and electronics, according to police.

Calo-Rivera used a special "bump key" to gain access to an apartment along the 200 block of Pavonia Circle in November 2013, police said.

A bump key has specially-designed ridges that allows a person to bypass common locks by putting the it into a lock and tapping it with a screwdriver or other plastic item, according to videos showing the devices in action.

Police said Calo-Rivera used the same method to break into nine other apartments in the complex.

Calo-Rivera is charged with 10 counts of burglary and 19 counts of theft. He is being held on $220,000 bail.

Evesham Police are advising residents to ensure they have high-quality locks on their doors to prevent lock bumping.

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