“Bombshell” McGee Talks Sandra, Jesse

James' mistress prepares to enter the ring

The tattooed woman at the center of tabloid fodder for having an admitted affair with Jesse James while he was married to Sandra Bullock doesn’t see herself as a home wrecker.

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee has been called plenty of things since the model known for her body full of tattoos and controversial subject matter -- including an alleged Nazi photo shoot -- but she doesn’t see herself as a villain.

“I’m definitely a bad girl but definitely a good girl,” McGee said Thursday.

OK so does that mean that she intentionally carried on an 11-month relationship with James knowing he was with Bullock?

“He told me they were separated,” Bombshell said.

People want to know what she knew about Bullock and James. She said that she didn’t know about the couple’s adopted baby and had never met Bullock.

The James cheating scandal and subsequent fallout -- Bullock coming off her Oscar win for The Blind Side has filed for divorce -- has catapulted McGee from tattoo culture icon into the mainstream.

I get “a lot more publicity obviously,” Bombshell told NBC Philadelphia as flashbulbs went off.

She has used that fame to land paid gigs and grow her website, michellebombshell.com, to new heights.

Even though she is cashing in, she feels that she hasn’t cost the movie starlet or the bad boy chopper icon much (cash, that is).

“I didn’t take any money from their jobs so I really don’t see why I’m vilified.”

McGee was in Philly to promote her wrestlin match.

Bombshell will play off the villain a role when she steps into the ring to take on porn star Gina Lynn in a celebrity-wrestling match.

Bombshell was in South Philly Thursday to promote Friday's event.

The Lynn vs. Bombshell match headlines a night full of bouts being billed as “Celebrity Wrestling 1” by controversial promoter Damon Feldman.

The match, which includes a handful of undercard fights, is May 8 at 8:30 p.m. at Pennant East on Kings Highway in Bellmawr, N.J. Tickets should be available at the door or fans can watch online for a fee.

The Bombshell is hoping to lay the bomb down on her opponent.

“Get to knock Gina Lynn around a little bit -- have fun with it,” said the rookie wrestler.

Bombshell might be an organized fight virgin, but she knows her way around a model shoot and that’s partly how she met James.

“I met (James) through Myspace,” said Bombshell who admitted that she friended him through her Myspace modeling page before James replied with an email.

Despite her many detractors, including Lynn who was wearing a “Team Sandra” T-shirt in support of Bullock, there is one person McGee always has in her corner.

“My mom’s a great lady… she loves me 100 percent.”

And although, Bombshell is unapologetic about what happened with James, McGee does have at least something she would change.

Does she have any tattoo regret? “Yeah, all of them,” she joked.

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