Body Stuffed in Homemade Coffin

An argument over rent may be why Roben Woodson ended up dead and then stuffed inside a coffin, custom-made by the alleged killer.

Woodson, 55, was living at a boarding home at 774 N. Croskey Street in the Fairmount section of the city.

He and the landlord's son had argued over rent recently. The two had a history of problems, according to police.

Over the weekend, another tenant discovered the homemade coffin smack in the middle of the living room. He called police and warned them Woodson's body might be inside.

Here’s what police have pieced together so far: The property owner’s son got so ticked off during the latest argument, he picked up a pat and beat Woodson to death. Police say the suspect made the coffin that hid Woodson's body.

Miguel Davilla, 27, was arrested and faces murder charges. 


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