Drunk Man Gets Rowdy on Philly-Bound Flight

A drunk man on a United Airlines flight was taken into police custody as soon as the plane landed at Philly International Sunday night.

One of the passengers on Flight 550 from Denver to Philadelphia was very drunk when he got into an altercation with a flight attendant near the rear of the plane a half an hour before landing in Philadelphia, airline officials tell NBC10.

The man was so out of control, that the female flight attendant asked male passengers to help her return the him to his seat, said officials.

It took the attendant and her helpers about 15 minutes to get the man in his seat.

A fellow passenger, who caught the entire incident on his cell phone video camera, told NBC10 that once the plane was on the ground, police boarded and took the man into custody.

He has not been charged at this time.

Check back for updates.

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