Atlantic County Residents Angry Over New Billboard

Residents say the 60-foot-high billboard is ruining their view of the back bays.

Some residents in Atlantic County are upset about a new billboard they say is ruining the view of the back bays.

The 60-foot-high LED billboard physically sits in Egg Harbor Township but people who live along Bay Drive in Northfield have to look at it. Neighbors say they are also frustrated that the sign will eventually light up.

“It will make me angry especially if it’s going to be a LED lighted sign like in Atlantic City or Las Vegas. It would be better suited on the Atlantic City expressway not private Margate causeway,” Pat McCarthy said.
Others worry about how bright the sign will be and the potential for traffic accidents and high winds.

“From an engineering standpoint, I don’t know if they’ve done their homework on the wind shear loads and things like that,” Chris Hires said.
Chet Akins, president of Jersey Outdoor Media and owner of the sign, told NBC10 that it will put off less light than a traditional billboard, the images will be static and that right now there’s a waiting list to advertise.

“I hope people will give us an opportunity how good we can be. We can’t put up gentlemen’s clubs or anything that would replicate pornography or sexy ads. If there’s a storm coming we will be able to tell them a storm coming,” Atkins said.

Atkins says the base of the billboard pole goes 47-feet into the ground and that because it’s considered a mesh-style board it will sustain winds up to 180 miles per hour.

The billboard is expected to be lit with advertisements by April 1.

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