Alleged Sex Assault in Drexel Dorm

Students who live at Drexel University's Calhoun Hall say they woke Saturday morning to police and crime scene investigators roaming the halls and taking pictures on the 3rd floor of the college dorm.

Philadelphia police say they were called to the campus after a student at another area university reported being sexually assaulted on the campus.

Police and university officials won’t say where the alleged assault occurred but multiple sources say it was reported to have happened inside Calhoun Hall before dawn on Saturday morning.

Police say because the case is in the early stages and they can’t say much about it.

No charges have been filed. Investigators say much more work needs to be done to determine what, if any charges may come.

Drexel University sent NBC10 a written statement saying,

“Drexel Public Safety received a report of an alleged non-stranger sexual assault on campus.  The allegation is being investigated by the Philadelphia Police Department Special Victims Unit in cooperation with the Drexel University Police Department. At this time there is no information to report as the Philadelphia Police Department is still conducting their investigation. All inquiries can be directed to the Philadelphia Police Department’s Special Victims Unit.”

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