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Holloway's Dad: Speak Out About Photo

Pa. couple claims underwater snapshot shows skeleton that may be missing teen Natalee Holloway



    Holloway's Dad: Speak Out About Photo
    Composite Photo - AP/Patti Muldowney
    A Pennsylvania couple believes this photo shows a human skeleton and that the alleged remains may be of missing teen Natalee Holloway.

    The father of missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway has asked a Pennsylvania couple to share their assertions that an underwater photo may show the remains of his daughter.

    Patti and John Muldowney were snorkeling off the coast of Aruba last October when they snapped a photo of what appears to be a human skeleton.

    The alleged remains went unnoticed until months later when the Manheim, Pa. couple was looking over trip pictures with some friends.

    "The first thing that my husband said was 'Maybe that could be Natalee Holloway,'" Patti Muldowney said.

    Couple Talk to Holloway's Dad About Underwater Photo

    [PHI] Couple Talk to Holloway's Dad About Underwater Photo
    A Lancaster County couple who believe they may have found the skeleton of missing teen Natalee Holloway say they've gotten permission from the girl's father to speak out about the photo.
    (Published Thursday, March 18, 2010)

    The couple showed the photo to friends, doctors and their local law enforcement before passing it along to the feds in February.

    They also sent a copy to the missing teen's parents. And Thursday evening Dan Holloway called the Lancaster County couple to discuss what they had found.

    "He's all in favor of it because it keeps the investigation going," John said after the conversation.

    The couple also spoke to the man who wrote a novel about Holloway's 2005 disappearance.

    "He called and said 'John, you may have the final chapter of the biggest crime of the century," John explained.

    Beth Twitty, Holloway's mother, is also aware of the photo, but chose not to comment, her attorney told NBC Philadelphia Thursday.

    Holloway was visiting the island nation in the summer of 2005 during a class trip when she disappeared. Much speculation has surrounded three men she was last seen with -- Joran van der Sloot, the son of a Dutch diplomat, and Deepak and Satish Kalope.

    Van der Sloot has long been suspected in the girl's disappearance. He's made several confessions to media outlets, been arrested twice and both times released due to a lack of evidence.

    The FBI will be visiting the Mundowneys in the next few days to further investigate the photo and discuss the couple's claims, agents confirmed Thursday.

    While some feel the photo may just be a bunch of rocks, the elderly grandparents are sure of what they see.

    "This body is laying on its back," John said as he traced over the picture with his finger.

    The couple hopes, if the alleged body turns out to be Holloways', that it will bring some closure to her torn family.

    "We know how those parents must feel," Patti said. "If there's any way we can help bring closure to this family, it would make us feel so wonderful."