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Father Delivers Baby Girl on Side of Road



    Abington family gets a special roadside delivery and welcome their newborn girl, Scarlett Raye. into the world. (Published Sunday, Aug. 29, 2010)

    The Coulver family's three little girls couldn't wait to be big sisters again. Sara and John Coulver were ready too but their newest addition seemed to be taking its time.

    “This was the first time we were actually waiting," Sara Coulver said. "I was walking around trying to get labor going."

    But in an instant Friday night that all changed. Sara's contractions were suddenly very close and increasingly more painful.

    “It was like instantaneous and I said we got to get to the hospital now,” John Coulver said.

    John stepped on it, but the 25-minute ride from their home to Montgomery Hospital was taking far too long.

    “She's just screaming going crazy and it just keeps intensifying she's just yelling at a pitch I never heard before .”

    “I started feeling the pressure and I'm yelling ‘no, no… I'm pushing, I'm pushing,’” Sara said.

    The newest little Coulver wasn't waiting any longer. In a panic, John pulled over on Fornance Street -- a side street near the hospital -- and frantically called their mid-wife for help.

    “She's like, I’ll tell you what to do and at that point it [the baby] dropped. And I was just like I got to get my hands over there and catch that baby,” John said.

    And just like that Scarlett Raye Coulver arrived. Up until that point the family didn't know if the baby was a boy or girl.

    “I heard her whimper and she was just on me and it was just overwhelming relief,” Sara said.

    The Coulvers made it to the hospital safely and say their little girl is doing great.

    The couple have three other girls ages 4, 3, and 2. Their 2-year-old daughter is adopted. They say they plan to adopt again in the near future.

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