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Drexel Basketball Players, Student Charged in Violent Robbery

3 students allegedly held up fellow student for cash inside her apartment at gunpoint



    Credit Card Leads to Drexel Student Arrests in Robbery

    Three students -- including two prominent basketball players -- are on the offensive after being charged with attempting to rob another student at gunpoint. (Published Monday, July 26, 2010)

    Three Drexel University students -- including two popular basketball players -- are on the offensive after allegedly attempting to rob a fellow student at gunpoint.

    A 21-year-old female student was sitting inside her University City apartment last Wednesday when classmate Devon Bond stopped over around 10:30 p.m., police sources told NBC Philadelphia.

    After chatting with the woman for a short time, Bond, 21, left the apartment. He then allegedly returned a few minutes later with the masked basketball players Jamie Harris and Kevin Phillip in tow, sources said.

    Bond, who investigators are calling the mastermind of the crime, pretended to be a victim and had Harris, 21, and Phillip, 21, throw him to the ground as they demanded money from the girl at gunpoint.

    After the woman said she didn't have any cash, the men then allegedly stole her cell phone and left -- with Bond giving only a passing glance.

    Surveillance video from a pizza shop below the woman's apartment shows Bond entering the woman's building and using a newspaper to keep the door unlocked.

    That same video shows two men -- believed to be Harris and Phillip -- entering the building through that same door a short time later.

    All three men could be seen calmly leaving the apartment after the alleged crime.

    Bond was arrested on Thursday after police matched credit card records from the pizza shop with the surveillance video, police say. Harris and Phillip both turned themselves into police Monday morning.

    Investigators are baffled as to why Harris and Phillip would put their future careers in jeopardy just to score some cash.

    "Why someone who do something like this is beyond human comprehension," Lt. John Walker said of the players' involved in the case.

    Phillip is a forward for the Drexel Dragons. Harris is a starting point guard and attends the school on a full scholarship, his attorney Greg Pagano said.

    "We're ready to defend these allegations… the sources of these allegations are corrupt," Pagano said. "My client voluntarily turned himself in and is here supported by family members."

    Bond is charged with multiple crimes including Aggravated Assault, Robbery, Criminal Conspiracy, Burglary and other related offenses.

    Phillip and Harris also face charges of Assault, Robbery and weapons violations among others.

    A spokesperson for Drexel University said all three students have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.