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    Crash Into Me
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    This is a common sight in Philadelphia, according to Allstate.

    Philadelphia is ranked again in a not-so-flattering Top 10 list.

    We're already infamous as one of the worst cities, we’re ranked as ugly, fat and now we can’t drive.

    Philly drivers rank six in a poll of cities with the worst drivers, according to Allstate’s fifth annual “America’s Best Drivers Report.” The report looks at 193 cities in all.

    Philadelphians were about 57 percent more likely to get into an auto collision than the national average. We also average around 6.5 years between each crash.

    Philly was the worst major city (population 1,000,000-plus) to get behind the wheel while Phoenix, Ariz.. was the best major city.

    The nation’s worst drivers came from D.C. where drivers are more than a 95-percent likley to be involved in a wreck, compared to the national average. 

    Thank god we're in good hands with Allstate.