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Camden Prosecutor Says Babysitter Killed Toddler



    Camden Prosecutor Says Babysitter Killed Toddler
    Judges panel tentatively orders Calif to release thousands of inmates.

    A New Jersey babysitter has been charged with murder in Camden County.

    Police said the woman, 33-year-old Sheila Polanski, inflicted injuries on a two-year-old that led to the child's death.

    On July 5, an EMS unit was called to a Gloucester City house for reports of an unresponsive child. When personnel arrived, they found two-year-old Madeline McHenry with fresh bruising on her forehead, chest, and abdominal area.

    On Thursday, July 7, the child died while at the hospital.

    Polanski was taking care of McHenry on July 5, and has given police multiple versions of what happened the day.  Investigators said Polanski told them that the bruising occurred after the child hit her head on a banister, then she said it was from striking a table leg, and she later said the child ran into the refrigerator door while she was opening it.  According to police, she also said that the child had vomited and appeared to be choking, so she pressed on the girl's chest and put her finger in the child's mouth to clear the blockage.

    Investigators said Polanksi admitted that she was under "a great deal of stress" on July 5 because she was being evicted from her apartment. 

    The prosecutor's office said Polanski told them that Madeline McHenry was whining that day, and that she shook the child in order to quiet her.  She also said she threw the child to the ground in an effort to stop the crying, according to prosecutors.

    Polanski's arraignment is scheduled for July 11.  Interim bail has been set at $500,000.