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Help Find Princess Sophie: Therapy Bird Missing



    Help Find Princess Sophie: Therapy Bird Missing
    Elsie Gould Matthews
    Princess Sophie has been missing since Monday. She is a blue headed parrot with green wings.

    Princess Sophie has been missing for three days — and her wings could have taken her anywhere.
    The blue-headed parrot escaped Monday from her cage, which hangs in the backyard of her owner, Elsie Gould Matthews. She was last seen near Roosevelt School in Pennsauken. Sophie has vibrant coloring and a blue head with green wings.

    “It’s very stressful when you lose a pet,” Matthews said.
    And Sophie isn’t just a pet. Matthews says she is a therapy bird.
    Matthews, who works as an outreach coordinator at the Margaret Winchester Enrichment Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, brings her pet bird to work twice a month.
    “Sophie is very sweet,” she said.
    Mathews has posted fliers at nearby pet supply stores, shared her flyer on Facebook, visited vets in her area and walked the neighborhood with with friends while calling Sophie’s name and whistling.
    The pet owner suspects Sophie hasn't traveled far.
    She is asking for others in the Pennsauken area to keep an eye out for the brightly colored bird and to offer food and water in their backyard feeders. She recommended treats like millets, peanuts, or blueberries -- Princess Sophie’s favorite.
    If you spot Sophie in your backyard, Matthews said you can offer her a treat.
    “She might step up on your hand because she’s that tame,” Matthews said.
    She asks if you do find her and are able to approach her, to put her in a small animal cage or wrap her in a towel, and reach out to her immediately.
    “I’m hoping that somebody sees her soon,” she said.