5th Graders Suspended for Facebook Pics

A group of Philadelphia fifth graders get a lesson in avoiding Internet predators

Seventeen students at Prince Hall Elementary School in Philadelphia were suspended in an effort to teach the youngsters a life lesson in avoiding Internet predators, officials say.

It was “dress-down day” at the school last week and the 15 girls and two boys decided to have their own fashion show in a school bathroom instead of participating in a going green project.

The kids took pictures of themselves on their cell phones, which aren’t allowed on school campus, and then posted their “fashion” photos on their facebook pages. When Prince Hall Elementary principal Sharon Patton found out, she hauled all of them into her office.

“I tried to scare them to death,” Patton told NBC Philadelphia.

Patton told the students that posting such pictures could attract predators, and told them about the terrible people who try to befriend children on the Internet.

Students told NBC Philadelphia, that the lesson taught them that such photos could “attract men that can hurt you.”

If they disobey the rules again, the fifth graders have been warned that they won’t be able to attend class trips or the end of the year dance.

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