University of Delaware Program Gives Kids With Special Needs a License to Drive

“It’s great to be able to help out with the community.”

NBC10’s “NewsForce 10” Jeep got a new, smaller look Friday afternoon.

The University of Delaware’s GoBabyGo! program housed a miniature version of our signature car. The program teams UD students up with local city workers to provide modified ride-on cars to children up to the age of three who experience limited mobility.

“When you can’t move you can’t socialize and that’s what these cars do, they take a kid and literally put him in the driver’s seat to control, they give independence, mobility, and just happiness, obviously," Gabby Kowalski, of Assistive Medical Technologies, said.

Employees of Newark, home to the University of Delaware, raised money for the cars themselves. The afternoon was spent customizing the vehicles as an act of community service.

“If you see the children’s faces and it’s really about giving back," a volunteer said.

Each vehicle is custom fit for each child, allowing them to travel freely and easily, despite their disability.

GoBabyGo! began in 2012 at the University of Delaware. The program provides children with disabilities an outlet for mobility and socialization, and continues to expand nationwide. 

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