Site Offers Interesting Salve for Buyer's Remorse

Send a video to and get rewarded for impulse shopping

Have you ever made a purchase and then immediately regretted it afterwards?  I’m sure we’ve all been subdued to some form of buyer’s remorse throughout our lifetime and now Spendster and NBC Philadelphia are here to help.

NBC Philadelphia’s Consumer Watch Reporter Tracy Davidson and Spendster are offering a Second Chance Video Contest specifically for these impulse buyers who may nursing their wounds after a hectic holiday season.

The contest runs from Jan. 24 to March 2, 2011.  To enter, post a short three-minute video describing your latest impulse purchase. Explain why you regret this unnecessary purchase and what you would have done with your cash instead. 

Get everyone you know to vote for your video and you could win the grand prize of $250.  The three videos with the most votes will win cash prizes.

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