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Philly International Airport Unleashes Food-Delivering Robot

'Gita allows our guests to customize their experience by choosing how much or how little human interaction they want when having their food delivered,' PHL Food & Shops Marketing and Customer Service Manager Megan O’Connell said

Gita delivers food at Philadelphia International Airport
Photo courtesy of Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia International Airport’s concessions program is piloting robotic food delivery to customers at the travel hub as a new addition to its contactless ordering platform, reports the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Named gita (pronounced “jee-ta,” meaning “short trip” in Italian), the robot is powered by digital service AtYourGate and “smart following technology” company Piaggio Fast Forward, which was founded in 2015 by Boston entity Piaggio Group. Piaggio Group is the Italian manufacturer and creator of the well-known Vesper scooter, PBJ reports.

Photo courtesy of Philadelphia International Airport's gita robot and a woman
Photo courtesy of Philadelphia International Airport
Philadelphia International Airport's gita robot is roaming the terminal.

Gita is the first product from Piaggio Fast Forward and is a following robot designed to carry 40 pounds for up to four hours, which the company equates to roughly 20 miles of walking, on a single charge. The tech entity specializes in pedestrian mobility intelligence and aims to create mobile tech solutions that mirror the way people move to ultimately help them complete day-to-day tasks.

The robots at PHL pair with a human delivery person by way of visual sensors, allowing them to follow the person at a distance, said Megan O’Connell, marketing and customer service manager at MarketPlace PHL. Gita stops when the delivery person stops and turns when the delivery person turns. If the robot hits any type of road block, it immediately stops and pauses until it relocates its delivery person. 

The gita robot and a woman's arm
Photo courtesy of Philadelphia International Airport
The gita is now at Philadelphia International Airport

So what's the vision for the gita and how long will the pilot program last? has the answers.

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