Is $3 Gas Making a Comeback?

Don't expect $3 gasoline while filling up the tank of the ol' automobile this summer despite gas prices going up .

A gallon of regular gas could possibly get up around $2.75 in parts of the Mid-Atlantic Region but don't expect fuel above the $3 mark, according to AAA projections.

Prices were on the rise in May as crude oil prices, summer blend gasoline and usual supply and demand fluctuations drove up the cost at the pump, said AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesperson Catherine Rossi.

But there is good news for cash-strapped motorists. Experts don't see gas prices getting anywhere near last summer's record mark of $4.16 per gallon, said AAA.

Gas traditionally costs more during the summer when driving to vacation spots like the Jersey Shore and the Poconos drives up demand for the fuel it takes to get there.

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