Find the Best Holiday Deals

Deep discounts at local stores this weekend

No need to wait until Black Friday. Retailers are rolling out the red carpet this weekend to help shoppers get a jump start on the holiday season.

The dismal sales outlook for this holiday season is giving retailers extra incentive to start slashing prices early. KMart, Wal-Mart, Kohl's and Toys R Us are just a few of the stores with super sales this weekend.

Some of Wal-Mart's biggest deals are the PlayStation 3 Blue-ray Bundle for $488, a $38 DVD Player, and shipping for only 97¢ on toys.

Toys R Us is not playing games when it comes to giving shoppers a deal. They've released their annual toy book and it's bigger and better than ever. They are also offering free shipping on orders that are $49 or more.

Best Buy is offering 5-15 percent off certain televisions, 10-32 percent off some GPS systems, and $80-$288 off computers.

Target is giving deep discounts on toys, electronics, and home furnishings. You can grab a 1080p Vizio LCD HDTV for $599.99 or a V.Smile V-Motion Active Learning System for just $59.99.

And before you step out the door, it's worth checking out a number of websites that’ll help you find the best deals, compare prices and see how much you are actually saving. For instance, and are two web sites where you can go to find good deals. And, you can also see where other shoppers are going to save money.

The “hot deals” forum is a “hot spot” for bargain hunters to go and post where they found good buys.

Now, if you want to wait for what you “think” might be a good price for an online product, check

At you can compare prices and ask to be alerted if the product reduces to the price that you’re willing to pay.

Remember, whenever you see or hear the word “sale,” don’t assume it means your saving and actually getting a good deal.

Key money saving tip: know what a good price is! is a good place to go and check the price history of items.

Shopping bots like Shopzilla, Pricegrabber and Dealcatcher are great resources too.

During the holiday season, most of these sites are updated daily with new sales and discounts. So, keep checking.

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