Bargain Blogging

It's no secret that clipping coupons can help save money on things we use everyday.

Now, if you go one step further, you can save even more money, just by spending a little extra time in front of the computer!   
By day, Amy Yates-Garmatz is an NBC Human Resources Manager.  But when she leaves the office, she's a super saver.
Amy and her friend Laura Hanlon are a dynamic dollar-stretching duo.
"We can go in and have $150 worth of products and walk out for $1.38," Hanlon said.
Like so many savers, Amy and Laura start by clipping coupons.
But then they go one step further--checking online blogs to find stores where those same items are already on sale.
The blogs have names like:

“We just go to the blogs and look at the sales that are going on that week and match our coupons up,” said Hanlon.
Toilet paper for 19 cents, paper towels for 3 cents, shampoo…all “Free.”

Just looking at the ladies’ receipt we can see they saved more than a $100 worth of stuff for $1.34.
"Yeah. I get so excited," says Hanlon.

“You're crazy if you don't do it! It's too easy. Anyone can do it,” said Yates-Garmatz.

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