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Obama Picks Lakers In Six Games

Let's see if he knows his NBA, too.



    Obama Picks Lakers In Six Games
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    President Barack Obama likes the Lakers to win.

    Good news Laker fans — the Commander In Hoops likes your team.

    President Barack Obama was walking out to Marine One on the South Lawn Tuesday when a reporter yelled asking who he liked in the NBA Finals.

    “Lakers in six.”

    Before you scoff and say “He’s to busy reading national security briefings to read basketball blogs, what does he know?” remember that Obama correctly picked North Carolina to win the NCAA Tournament. His background as a basketball fan and player is well documented, and he certainly knows the game.

    Of course, he can’t predict if Lamar Odom is going to show up focused every night like the Lakers need. And no National Security Directive could force it to happen.

    Kurt Helin writes one of those basketball blogs Obama doesn’t read, Forum Blue & Gold.