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CopStache for PAL

Fifteen thousand dollars for Abington P.A.L.



    Copstache for PAL

    NBC 10's Deanna Durante judged Friday's Copstache for PAL, a fundraiser to raise money for Abington's PAL. (Published Tuesday, March 22, 2011)

    The usual mustache bash tends to involve woefully hirsute guys who get bored and decide to grow out the hair on their upper lip as a quick gag.

    But for the Abington Township Police Association and other county employees, their mustaches are anything but a joke.

    Or, rather, were a joke.

    On Friday, they kicked off Copstache for P.A.L., a fundraising campaign designed to benefit the Abington Police Athletic League. It marked the culmination of a forty-five-day mustache-growing contest.

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    If they raised $10,000 dollars, they would shave off the facial hair.

    They ended up getting more than $15,000—well surpassing their mark.

    Abington Police Chief William J. Kelly, a proud ‘stache owner for more than thirty years, even buzzed his off for the sake of the kids in PAL.

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    NBC 10’s Deanna Durante was on-hand to judge the competition.