Wedding Venues For The Food-Obsessed

We know you'll be paying attention to the Royal Nuptials on April 29 like the rest of us (we even turned you onto a place to get your anglophile on if the spirit should move you at 5:30 A.M.) But, this is also the time of year for us plebeians to tie the knot.

Here, for our newly nuptial-minded captive audience, the best food-focused places to tie the knot, and get down with friends and family. Remember, finding a great place to celebrate the big day is important for one reason: Making your friends jealous.

Best Wedding Venues For The Food-Obsessed:
Say what you will about Stephen Starr, but the man knows how to put together a crowd-pleaser. And while it costs an arm and a leg to actually buy out one of his super-popular eateries, Starr has three event spaces that can be transformed into any one of his restaurants. We did some pairing for you. You're welcome.

Butcher & Singer at The Arts Ballroom: The newest addition to the Stephen Starr Events roster, the grandiose Arts Ballroom, is the only event space that has the pedigree to handle the swank and panache of steakhouse Butcher & Singer. Featuring sweeping staircases and stately aesthetics, the characters from Mad Men would feel right at home along with 200 of their closest friends and a dry martini here. Bands are absolutely allowed, and the acoustics are top-notch for some classy tunes. Prices vary greatly depending on the type of catering you need, so give them a ring.

Alma De Cuba at Tangerine: Those words feel a bit odd, since Tangerine, up until recently, was its own destination. But, even the Emperor felt the sting of a tough economy, and now we have another slick event space, which would be the perfect environment for the bold flavors of Alma De Cuba. A much more dark and mysterious vibe is what Tangerine is all about, and would be ideal for a hipper crowd with no need for old-school tradition and a minimalist French Hip-Hop DJ. Really.

Morimoto at The Horticulture Center: The perfect match of nature and delicate culinary beauty is represented here, and there wouldn't be a better way to get a picturesque setting for your nuptials. There's enough space for up to 250 seated guests, and a big ol' cake from Whipped Bakeshop. The environment here is truly something special, with fountains and dangling foliage dotted around the interior of the atrium.

Ladder 15: The first restaurant on the list not put together by Mr. Starr, Ladder 15 is the best venue for the laid-back bride and groom. The biggest draw, of course, is the fact that David Ansill is going to be cooking your food. (See him in action here.) The man has catered numerous chefs' weddings, including Barbuzzo's George Sabatino. The space can easily handle 100 guests, and prices start around $100 per person which includes a drink package.

Zahav: Mike Solomonov might be a high-profile superstar chef, but we don't know anyone else who respects the ideas of tradition and family more than Zahav's frontman. Whether you're a member of the tribe or not, Zahav can be set up to hold your ceremony and the reception, and the setting is absolutely one of the most romantic in Philly. Most importantly, Solo cooks for the veggie folk, and that earns him a top spot on this list.

Vetri: OK, we put this one in here as more of a "money is no object," kind of deal, but wouldn't it be nice to have Marc Vetri cook for you, your new spouse, and all of your friends? Sure, it would, and it'll only set you back $35,000. Yes, we're serious. Oh, and if you actually do this one, we're the ones who suggested it, so we'll be expecting an invite.

This month, stay tuned to The Feast for posts highlighting the best venues for the rehearsal dinner, the next-day brunch, and what to do regarding the all-important cake. [The Feast]

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