Vick Describes Transformation in Sports Illustrated Cover Story

Sports Illustrated

With all of the national attention this season on the revival of Michael Vick's career, it seems only natural that the Eagles new starting quarterback would eventually see his face plastered on the highest spotlight in sports media: the cover of Sports Illustrated.

This will be the fourth time Vick has challenged the SI Cover Jinx, but the first time since July 4, 2005 — when the title was "I Am Quarterback". Ironically, that headline probably more accurately descibes Vick in 2010. This time the cover says, "The Enigma: What Michael Vick Tells Us About Ourselves".

By the way, Sweet Jasmine, one of Vick's pit bulls, was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2008.

In the cover story, Vick recounted to writer S.L. Price how his mother wanted to "disown" him after the shooting at his 30th birthday party over the summer. According to Vick, she said, "You went to prison for 19 months, and you come out and you still ain't listening."

"Right then and there," Vick said, "I told myself, I am changing my life. I'm going to do everything they ask me to do. I'm getting myself away from this madness." Why this revelation didn't occur over a year after he left prison and was reinstated into the NFL is unclear.

Additionally, Vick described that he was "ashamed" to call NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and face the consequences for this actions. He didn't talk to Goodell for three weeks after the incident.

Vick's new teammates certainly support him in his quest for redemption. WR Jason Avant told SI, "We look up to him. The Bible says, 'The righteous man falls seven times but he gets up again.' He's getting up and trying, and it's helping him and helping our team. Guys look at him not as a quarterback; we look at him as an inspiration. We look at him as a guy who has been through hell and back-and he's conquered it."

The issue hits newstands Wednesday.

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