Valentine Shopping for the Lazy

Drive-up service at David Jay Jewelers

Jay and Scott Slobotkin, owners of David Jay Jewelers, are in the business of making Valentine’s Day perfect for women, but this year, they’re also in the business of making it easy for those last-minute shoppers – men, we mean you.

“It’s the same story every year,” says Jay Slobotkin. “We order beautiful merchandise, decorate the store with messages of love and inspiration, and then wait until two or three days before Valentine’s Day to see shoppers walking in looking panicked and overwhelmed.”

And that’s why the Warrington, Pa. jewelers have decided to help holiday shoppers.

From Monday, Feb. 8 until Sunday, Feb. 14, David Jay Jewelers will offer a drive-up service. All you have to do is call the store, let them know you’re on your way and discuss your budget and selection options.

When you pull up, call or text. One of the store’s jewelers will run out to the car, show the gift, go back in to wrap it and return with your perfect present.

Fast, easy and simple. Now that’s the kind of shopping we love.

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