Gas Up the Zamboni! Ice Rinks Remain Open

Three local ice skating rinks were supposed to be closed for business under Mayor Nutter’s new cost-cutting plan. But, the city of Philadelphia with the help of the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation (ESYHF) found the private funding needed to keep those Zamboni’s gassed up.

Scanlon Ice Rink in Kensington, Laura Sims Skatehouse at Cobbs Creek Park in West Philadelphia and the Rink at Simons Recreation and Teen Access Center in West Oak Lane will open Friday and stay open until March 1, according to an article on

This deal made between the city and ESYHF may also save jobs for city employees who work at the rinks.

“They’ve (ESYHF) been very committed to ice rinks for some time. We are very appreciative of their wanting to pass on his (Ed Snider)legacy,” said City Councilwoman Jannie L. Blackwell.

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