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-We've got some gossip, well actually a fact, from the set of "Gossip Girl." Turns out that the spin-off rumors are true. In fact, the CW's spin-off of their hit show will focus on Serena's mom, Lily van der Woodson, growing up during the '80s in L.A. Should be some pretty juicy stuff!

-Jackie Chan is in talks with a film studio to play Mr. Miyago in the a remake of "Karate Kid." Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada Smith, is expected to play Daniel LaRusso or for all you '80's babies, Ralph Macchio's character.

-Ray-J (Brandy's little brother and Kim Kardashian's sex tape partner) is getting his own show on VH1. From what we hear, it's going to have a "Flavor of Love" type vibe.

-It seems that Russell Crowe's refusal to shed the weight he gained for a previous movie role has gotten skinny Sienna Miller canned. Russell Crowe is playing Robin in Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood" remake, "Nottingham," and Sienna was cast as the role of Maid Marian. However, because Russell did not lose the weight, it was feared that he would look "laughable" next to the petite actress, so she was fired. Wow, if that ain't fair, I don't know what is. 

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