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Kelly Clarkson made history this week. Her new single,"My Life Would Suck Without You," made the biggest leap in Billboard Hot 100's 50-year history. In its first week, the single will go from number 97 to number 1. It sold 280,000 digital downloads!

So the joke's on us? Remember how Joaquin Phoenix retired from acting to pursue his music career as a rapper? Well, Entertainment Weekly is claiming that the whole thing is a hoax! Two friends of the actor have come forward saying that he was going to fake a meltdown, quit acting and have his buddy, Casey Afleck, film the whole thing. Neither Joaquin nor Casey have confirmed.

Star Magazine is reporting that Tony Romo cheated on Jessica Simpson with an olive skinned brunette the very same night she left town! The alleged hook up happened early this month in Jessica's house!

E! correspondent Debbie Matenopoulos is fighting back against claims made by her ex, music executive Jay Faires, that she is a freeloader. Faires is suing Matenopoulos for spousal support to either help him pay the mortgage on the couple's multimillion dollar home, move out and sell the home or agree to refinance. He states that during their time together she paid for nothing. Matenpoloulos is denying all her ex-hubby's claims and has released a statement on how offended she is by the "gross accusations and false claims."

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